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Fitness Training:

When it comes to fitness, let us get the context straight, ‘there is more to fitness than just lifting weights.’ It’s about the correct form, the right nutrition and adequate recovery. At BlackkTRAXX Fittnasium, our experts help you design a step-by-step health plan which will give your body the desired results. A good healthy body is all about discipline and routine, train with the best-in-class trainers with the best of equipment to get the chiseled figure you wish you had. We have a full range of workout equipment for chest, shoulders, back, legs, abs, and functional; to keep your blood ebbing and flowing. Gone are the days when you had to follow one routine for years to get results, we make sure you break the cycle and give your body new challenges every couple of months to reach new heights of Fitness Training every time.

Strength Training:

Strength training is all about resistance, it is a crucial part of your routine to make your muscles grow stronger and build endurance. While strength training can be done at home with resistance bands, free weights etc., it is important to know the basics under the supervision of an expert. BlackkTRAXX Fittnasium has specialized in articulating a resourceful strength training program which will help you build lean mass, lose body fat, boost metabolism and even raise energy levels. We’ve divided the program into four fundamental sections viz., Warm Up, Bodyweight, Free-weight, Cool Down. Each of these routines will be stretched over a period of 30-40 minutes across two to three times a week. Following our routine religiously, will put you on the right track in building explosive strength.

Cardio Training:

Any good Cardio Training helps you get your heart beat racing, which in turn strengthens the muscles working in tandem with your blood flow rate. Consistent Cardio Training helps you build stronger and more effective heart function, prevents heart diseases and releases the happy hormones ‘endorphines’, overall making us feel great and de-stressed. But there are a lot of myths which do the rounds in the fitness industry, the most common one is the more you pray at the treadmill, the faster you’ll lose weight. Absolutely not true! The number of calories burnt after a run is equal to an intense, full body, 20-minute HIIT workout. On the flipside, our trainers have specialized in designing workouts that prove beneficial for your body, we have a program which is unlike your ‘run-of-the-mill’ (pun intended) routine. All of our cardiovascular activities last around 20-30 minutes, ranging between slow and fast intensities to reap the maximum benefits from your workout.

Free Motion Training:

At BlackkTRAXX Fittnasium, you get to train with free motion machine, which means more freer movements, more isolated target muscles. In normal gyms, standard workout equipment operates in a fix path, but free motion allows you to work your body in multiple directions, allowing your wider resistance through space. It helps you attain stability and control. With the guidance of our trainers in this program, you’ll be working on your primary muscles as well as stabilizer muscles, giving your body overall development. Perform exercises with cables, free weights, body weight, bands, and tubes or suspension trainers, available at your disposal.

Weight Training:

When it comes to weight training, it is crucial for people to find a routine which can help them stay active in their younger years. According to research, it is noted that adults lose half pound of muscle per year from the age of 30, this along with reduced metabolism is the first sign of weight gain and health issues. BlackkTRAXX Fittnasium, being a comprehensive fitness hub caters to people of all kinds of concerns with regards to their fitness. We believe in customizing a plan according to your body needs. Our trainers are always available on the floor to assist you and teach you the right technique before you move onto lifting heavy weights. Balance has been the key in all our programs, that’s why we prepare a plan which complement your extensor muscles with flexor muscles, which means extension along with flexibility helps you build a strong structure and a well-defined body.

Group Training:

As they say, ‘strength in numbers’, we believe that there’s some kind of energy which pushes you a bit extra when you’re working out together. Be it finding motivation to get to the gym or powering through the last rounds of squats, Group Training has seen a significant increase in the last few years. A popular research suggest that healthy behavior tend to influence others. BlackkTRAXX Fittnasium focuses on making workouts communal, inclusive and for everyone. Group Training gives you the competitive edge and helps you push harder than ever due to the shared energy. We are firm believers in ‘MANA’, which means the universal energy everyone carries with them, bring them all together and it becomes the recipe for success. Come, join our diverse range of Group Training programs, where you’ll get to socialize and work towards one common goal, that is FITNESS.

Weight Management:

Weight Management is the No.1 reason people join the gym. As they say workout is 30% efforts while the rest 70% is your diet. The majority of Indian food is not meant to be healthy for your body. We, at BlackkTRAXX Fittnasium give utmost priority to nutrition and help our members keep a close check on what they consume and in how much quantity. We will be focusing on exercises which preserve your energy and help you lose fat. A proper break down of your plan will be devised by our trainers into sizeable portions, small enough for you to not get overwhelmed by it. We will also be assessing your growth over a period of 4-8 weeks to see your potential and revise our plan accordingly. A steady diet along with regular training is our blueprint to a successful Weight Management program.

Sports Fitness:

Sports fitness training is all about setting the right goals and going the extra mile. It is usually a more challenging routine unlike physical fitness. In sports fitness, the primary aim is meeting the demands of a certain competition, which means the training regime should closely stimulate the specific nature of the athlete’s contest. For example, an archers’ physical needs are starkly different from a footballer. We help you train in a variety of target components such as strength, power, speed, agility, flexibility, endurance, energy fitness, coordination and much more. Our programs alternate between strength and conditioning with changing variables like intensity, duration and recovery. At BlackkTRAXX Fittnasium, we bring in the experts/coaches of the specific fields of training, and set you up on a program which will bring out the Champion in you.

Recovery & Rehabilitation:

Regular intense exercises can take a toll on your body, and sometimes poor technique can lead you to physical injuries which can take up a long time to heal naturally. But with proper care and regular assessment, you can be back on the tarmac. But before you go back to pumping iron, it is important to know if the injury is critical or treatable. One of the most common injury comes from joints, so it’s important for us to train with proper form with supervision. BlackkTRAXX Fitnassium provides you with a strict regime of recovery along with a regular check on your improvements, so that you can be back in no time.

Sports Injuries:

Sports demand a certain level of physical exertion which has caused many injuries. From torn ligaments to sprains and much more severe fractures, injuries are the most common factor players are benched or worse yet, removed from a team. In terms of dealing with such injuries, BlackkTRAXX Fittnasium believes in the RICE method, which stands for REST, ICE, COMPRESSION, ELEVATION. We follow this method within the first 24 to 36 hours of the injury to prevent it from making more damage to the body. To ensure the injuries are to a minimum, we also have a program which can define your workout with proper techniques, adequate warm up, and sufficient cool down stretches to prepare you for the best and shield you from the worst.

Athletic Injuries:

Athletic injuries and rehabilitation is a comprehensive, therapeutic experience which help athletes recover from their injuries swiftly and regain their peak performance. BlackkTRAXX Fittnasium helps you train targeted muscles and joints in order to return to pre-injury function. Our prescribed doctors are always available for you to consult and examine your day-to-day improvements. Our program deals with a multi-faceted approach from prevention, evaluation, and treatment. The first stage of injury is getting a complete diagnosis from our sport-injury specialist, this stage involves reducing pain and healing. Once that is done, we work on progressive conditioning and care, where you work together with the trainer towards re-establishment of your abilities. Eventually building back functions like mobility, strength, coordination and balance together. Our commitment comes with a promise that all our athletes will be provided with the best of rehabilitation from renowned specialists who push the envelope to get you back in shape and make India proud!

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